The name is Casey, I'm 18, and I've got a lovely 15.3 Canadian/QH named Royal Casanova. Rocking Canada :)
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Inspector Gadget says “you are small and insignificant.”

He’s one to talk haha


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Rivenburghs Santana SE

33” AMHA/AMHR stallion

owned by Painted H Ranch

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A big thank you to my long time best friend and another good friend for making me bawl my eyes out.
If you wouldn’t hug me you dicks I would’ve internalized it all.
Leaving tomorrow morning (Thursday) for college and it’s bittersweet.
I’m going to miss Royal so much, and people I’m leaving behind. I feel like I’m leaving everything I love here.
I’m ready to go to college. Very excited about it too but I’m scared.

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Sometimes I wonder whether I have any real intelligence or if I just have enough random bits of surface knowledge to bullshit my way through most things.

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Found my mask from my school’s masquerade 😍
I was so happy how well it turned it

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I’m sorry you’re so sweet to me.
It’s difficult to explain the lock on my brain.

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If you really loved me you’d buy me a saddle pad with matching polos.  

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Somatic mutations/Chimera

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moments between a horse and her owner

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everyone needs Spirit on their blog.

every time someone reblogs this you see that notification in the corner with a tiny galloping spirit so pls keep it up guyz

makin a herd on my blog no shame

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